Mill Woods Edmonton has many excellent features
A rapidly expanding Mill Woods has given the entire area a facelift. There are many new developments in the Mill Woods area which is attracting a lot of attention.

Mill Woods is no longer the suburb that every local knows about but instead is part of the city of Edmonton. The diverse cultures and families that make Mill Woods their home are proof that this area is a desirable place to live. Many professionals and students commute from this neighbourhood on a daily basis using the Whitemud Dr. and the other large streets that run through this area. Known as the bad part of town, Mill Woods will surprise many locals with the improving living conditions and the desirable homes that are now a common part of the area. With an abundance of parks and schools, this is an ideal location for a young family and will provide plenty of space for them to grow. There are a lot of affordable housing in the area and the new parts of the district are catering to a middle income class of people. With so many changes that have happened and that will continue to take place, this is an area that you will want to keep an eye on.

Getting to re-acquaint yourself with Mill Woods
A lot of people are not sure about the Mill Woods area as they have lived in Edmonton all their lives and have only known it as the suburb. Mill Woods has been developing quite rapidly over the years and is no longer a separate area and instead is now an established part of Edmonton. The Mill Woods areas includes Tweddle Place, Michaels Park, Richfield, Lee Ridge, Tipaskan, Kameyosek, Meyonohk, Satoo, Ekota, Menisa, Greenview, Hillview, Meyokumin, Sakaw, Jackson Heights, Minchau, Weinlos, Bisset, Pollard Meadows, Crawford Plains, and Daly Grove. There are many nice family oriented neighbourhoods in the area and there are many families moving into the area. This is a very convenient area to commute to and from work in the Downtown Edmonton business district or the University. With the addition of the Anthony Henday Dr. it will be easy for people working up North to get quickly to their house in Mill Woods.

A diverse culture lives in Mill Woods
Mill Woods has many diverse cultures who have moved into the area. There are East Indians, Italians, Chinese, and Europeans who make Mill Woods their home. Growing up in the area you will be exposed to the many different cultures and make some great friends with people from all around the world. These Canadian families have lived in Canada for a range of years from 1 to over 50 and have a deep appreciation for their home country and Canada. It is this shared appreciation that make these families so unique and give Mill Woods its character. If you live in this area you will immediately feel the closeness of family and the strong pride of ownership that these families have. You may already have experienced some of the unique traditions such as Chinese New Year and have taken part in some of the celebrations that they hold annually. It is being a part of this extended family neighbourhood that help create a tight community and a safe home for everyone.

Mill Woods is a family neighbourhood
The number of families that live in the Mill Woods neighbourhood is increasing. Always known as the suburb of Edmonton, Mill Woods has provided affordable housing to families of many ethnicities over the years. The area is well designed with a lot of available parks and schools to accommodate the many children who live in this area. Mill Woods also has a hospital and provides a 24/7 care facility for people in the area. There are many families who have lived in the area for over 20 years and it is definitely a safe neighbourhood. The streets are wide and can accommodate traffic on both ways and parking on both sides. There are many housing choices in the area and you can live in townhouses or houses depending on your budget and preference. Given the ease of transportation and closeness to the Whitemud Dr. and the new Anthony Henday Dr., there will continue to be many families who make this their home.

Investing in Mill Woods
Mill Woods is a great area to invest for the long term. With many schools, churches and a diverse culture, Mill Woods provides a lot of unique living experiences. If you drive around the neighbourhood you will notice that there are really quite a lot of parks and greenspace in this area of town. The planned community of Mill Woods is a unique blend of parks and family oriented neighbourhoods. The investments that you make in the area are solid and will return nicely over the medium to longer term. There are already new parts of Mill Woods that were not there just a few years ago. This new area will bring in a new professional demographic and increase the overall appeal of the neighbourhood. The area will also benefit greatly from the Anthony Henday Drive which will border the area in the Southeast portion. This will allow traffic to flow around the area and give people who live in this area greater mobility around the city of Edmonton.