Getting to know North Central Edmonton
North Central Edmonton is ideal for people who work in Downtown Edmonton and students who are currently attending NAIT. The North Central Edmonton is a mature part of Edmonton and has seen some great redevelopment in the past few years.

The North Central Edmonton area is a popular area of Edmonton and one that many people choose to live in. If you work in Downtown Edmonton then you will love the closeness of North Central Edmonton to the Downtown core. You will be less than 15 minutes to work if you live in this area and you can have the convenience of transit. The area is an older part of North Central Edmonton and has the Edmonton City Centre Airport at the top left hand corner. This Edmonton City Centre Airport is currently used for small charters, private and corporate aircrafts, and military use. Another important area of North Central Edmonton is the Queen Mary Park neighborhood which is primarily a student area. The closeness to NAIT or the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology is why so many students choose this area to live and commute. That is also why this area has many small apartment buildings which are perfectly suited for these students to live in.

Where is North Central Edmonton
The location of North Central Edmonton is situated north of the Downtown Edmonton core and south of the Yellowhead Trail Highway. To the east of the North Central Edmonton is the 82nd St. close to the Wayne Gretzky Drive. To the west of North Central Edmonton is the 124th St. The main areas of this part of town include Commercial Core, Rice Howard Way, Government Precinct, Jasper West, Mackay Avenue, Oliver, Grandin, Boyle Street, McCauley, Rossdale, Riverdale, Queen Mary Park, Central McDougall, Prince Rupert, Spruce Avenue, Alberta Avenue. Parkdale. Westwood. Eastwood, Delton, and Elmwood Park. The Edmonton City Centre Airport is at the top left corner of this part of town and is still used today for many private and military aircrafts. The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology or NAIT is located to the north part of this neighbourhood and close to the old airport. This is a very busy area of town as many students commute on a daily basis to school using transit and by car.

Why is North Central Edmonton important
Because of the proximity of the North Central Edmonton to the Downtown Edmonton, this is an ideal place for many business people to live. By choosing to live in North Central Edmonton, these business people can commute a very short distance to and from their downtown offices and live a very convenient lifestyle. There are many executives who choose to locate in this area and their family like it as well as this is a very established part of Edmonton. This is also a popular area for students due to it’s closeness to NAIT, the technical college. For students, it is nice to have a short commute to school. Students who live in this area can take transit, car, or cycle to their class. There are many apartments that cater directly to students and offer housing on a monthly basis. Getting around the city is also easy in this area as you can use the many streets that connect you directly to the Yellowhead Trail Highway. For example you can use 101 St. to connect to Yellowhead or continue driving north and out of the city. Because of all these reasons, North Central Edmonton will continue to be a very busy neighbourhood.

Investing in North Central Edmonton is good
For investors, choosing North Central Edmonton is a great investment opportunity. There are always people choosing to live in North Central Edmonton because of where it is located. You can cater to business people or students depending on the investment philosophy that you have and your investment goals. The great thing about North Central Edmonton is that it is minutes away from the busy Downtown Edmonton core and it is also very close to NAIT. With all this traffic flowing in and out of this area, it will be a very easy place to find renters and people who want to live in this area. You can just list your property in the local newspaper or online in the North Central Edmonton section and you should have it rented in no time. Or you can have your property manager take over the details and all you need to do is wait until it is time to sell your investment property.

Developments in North Central Edmonton
There are many new North Central Edmonton developments taking place. If you live in the North Central Edmonton area you will notice quite a few changes happening. The biggest and most exciting change for the area is the announcement of the new LRT station that will be in the Queen Mary Park neighbourhood. This new transportation change will increase demand for this area and substantially improve the prices in this area. This will allow the many students who attend NAIT to get to here much quicker than before.