Investing in Northeast Edmonton makes sense
Northeast Edmonton is going to be a great investment once the ringroad is complete. Already an excellent family neighbourhood, Northeast Edmonton provides good rents and good tenants.

There is a lot of noise in the Northeast Edmonton area as construction crews are busy developing new projects in the area. The Northeast Edmonton area is going to be substantially improved with the completion of the Edmonton ringroad in 2011. Already home to many people who work in the North in the Alberta Oilsands projects, this area will continue to expand and attract blue collar and professionals. The highway 15 allows residents to reach Fort Saskatchewan in around 20 minutes and provides a lot of convenience for people to shop and dine out. The Northeast Edmonton area is becoming a popular area to live and raise your family with many big box shopping malls and stores such as Costco and Walmart in the area. If you work and live in the area then this area is also an extremely affordable part of Edmonton. The homes and the demographics in this area are blue collar and professional with new developments catering to a middle upper class lifestyle. With the rapidly changing demographics of Edmonton, this area will accommodate a diverse group of people and families and be the preferred area to live for people who work up north.

Getting around Northeast Edmonton
To get to the Northeast Edmonton area you can currently take the 216 highway north to the Yellowhead Trail and across to Victoria Trail. This will be improved with the completion of the Anthony Henday Dr. (ringroad) which will open up the area to all parts of Edmonton. The Northeast Edmonton area includes Cromdale, Virginia Park, Bellevue, Highlands, Montrose, Newton, Bergman, Beacon, Beverly Heights, Rundle Heights, Abbotsfield, Homesteader, Overlanders, Canon Ridge, Sifton Park, Belmont, Kernohan, Clareview, Campus, Hairsine, Bannerman, Kirkness, Fraser, Killarney, Balwin, Glengarry, Delwood, Northmount, Kildare, York, Evansdale, Kilkenny, Macleod, Casselman, Miller, Eaux, Claires, Belle Rive, Mayliewan, Ozerna, Matt Berry, Hollick Kenyon, McConachie, Lago Lindo, Klarvatten, and Evergreen. There are many good areas for families in this area and it is currently one of the most affordable areas in Edmonton. The best way to get to this area currently is to use a combination of the Whitemud Dr. and the 216 highway which will take you directly into the area and help you avoid the inner city traffic.

The Edmonton ringroad and Northeast Edmonton
The Anthony Henday Dr. or what is better know as the Edmonton ringroad will be complete in 2011 with the last section in the Northeast Edmonton area. The conclusion of this massive highway project will connect this area to all of Edmonton and open up tremendous opportunities for housing. This dramatic transportation improvement will open the Northeast Edmonton area to the other parts of Edmonton and allow for an increase in traffic flow throughout the area. Having this final part of the ringroad through the area will create a huge demand for housing and living in this area. You can already see the large developments happening in the area in anticipation of the completion of this new highway. There are literally construction projects happening in all areas of this district and the completion date will be prior to the completion of the Anthony Henday Dr. The Northeast Edmonton area will benefit from this improvement in many ways including allowing people who live in this area to easily reach the other parts of town.

Top reasons to invest in the Northeast Edmonton area
Your investment in the Northeast Edmonton area will pay off by 2010. The Northeast Edmonton area is a desirable area because it is close to the North city exit and can easily be reached by people working up in the Alberta Oilsands. The new Anthony Henday Dr. will make the area easily accessible by all of Edmonton so you will no longer be isolated in the area. There are many retail shops in the area that allow people in the Northeast Edmonton to stay in the area without needing to shop in other areas. For example there is a Costco, Walmart, and Safeway all within easy driving distance. You can also reach the area using the Whitemud Dr. highway. So a lot of good roads that lead to the area, a new improvement to the transportation in a few years, and convenient shopping already in the area make the Northeast Edmonton the ideal place to invest.

Students living in Northeast Edmonton area
With the LRT or the Light Rail Transit reaching the Northeast Edmonton area, this opens up the public transportation to many different users. Students who live in the Northeast Edmonton can commute to school each day using this fast and convenient form of transportation. It would take approximately 20 minutes to get to NAIT from the area or 35 minutes to get to the University of Alberta. The LRT is open from 5am to 12:30am on a daily basis so students will have plenty of time to get to their classes and return home.