Why is Northwest Edmonton important?
Northwest Edmonton is an important part of the growing Edmonton area. The Northwest Edmonton is the gateway to the North and to the rich Alberta Oilsands projects.

The Northwest Edmonton part of Edmonton is quickly developing and becoming an important part of the city. This part of Edmonton is developing rapidly as many people who work in the North choose Northwest Edmonton as their primary residence. The area is quite developed and has good transportation and routes to get in and out of the area quickly. Once the Anthony Henday Dr. is completed in the North section, this area will be very easy to get to and much more convenient for everyone in the area. This is one of the closest neighbourhoods to reach from St. Albert, another historic suburb of Edmonton. People who live in St. Albert may work in the Northwest Edmonton area and have a very quick commute to and from work. The Yellowhead Trail provides a quick way to get into this area from the south and allows for easy connection onto the 97 St or 82 St roads.

Getting to know Northwest Edmonton.
The Northwest Edmonton neighbourhood has many desirable areas to live and explore. There are mature areas in this Northwest Edmonton district and there are rapidly developing areas to the borders to the North. The areas of Northwest Edmonton includes Britannia Youngstown, Canora, Grovenor, Mayfield, High Park, McQueen, North Glenora, Westmount, Woodcroft, Inglewood, Dovercourt, Sherbrooke, Prince Charles, Athlone, Calder, Lauderdale, Wellington, Kensington, Rosslyn, Hudson, Pembina, Cumberland, Baranow, Caernarvon, Carlisle, Griesbach, Carlton, Oxford, Dunluce, Lorelei, Beaumaris, The Palisades, Rapperswill, Canossa, Chambery, Elsinore, and Baturyn. It is the closest part of the city to the North and the Alberta Oilsands. This neighbourhood is very easy to access through the Yellowhead Trail Highway and easy to reach other parts of Edmonton. The rapidly increasing popularity of the Northern part of Edmonton as a result of the demand for oil and other manufacturing jobs makes this an important part of the city. The addition of the Anthony Henday Drive will dramatically improve the ability to get in and out of the Northwest Edmonton section of town.

Living in Northwest Edmonton
People who live in the Northwest Edmonton area are quite diverse. You have blue collar in the Northwest Edmonton area near the Yellowhead Trail. In the middle of the district and above you have middle and middle upper class who have nice homes and surrounded by beautiful parks. The improvement in the living conditions in this area will continue to promote the increase in standard of living for people who choose the Northwest Edmonton as their home. It is a good area for students who attend NAIT or the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology as this is very close to their school. A short busride from the south part of Northwest Edmonton is all they need to get to class on time. This is a popular area for people working up North in the Alberta Oilsands. These professionals, skilled tradespeople, and engineers will find this the most convenient area to commute to after their drive down from the North. Living around Beaumaris Lake provides residences with a great view of the lake and a nice place to unwind after work.

Investing in Northwest Edmonton is good
For investors who want to find a good place to invest in Edmonton, Northwest Edmonton provides one of the best growth areas. The rapidly growing city of Edmonton and the need for more housing up North has created a lot of demand for development projects in Northwest Edmonton. The future development of the Anthony Henday drive to the North part of the Northwest Edmonton district will provide a drastic improvement in land values in this area. There are many areas that are just starting to develop and will take advantage of this transportation improvement once completed. The areas of The Palisades, Rapperswill, Chambery, Elsinore, Lago Lindo, and Crystallina Nera will see increases in development and land values in the next few years. The other more developed areas within the Northwest Edmonton will see a gradual improvement to their values as the prices are already higher than the areas around the borders.

The new developments in Northwest Edmonton
There will be substantial new developments in the Northwest Edmonton over the next few years. The increase in developments will be concentrated in the border areas near the new Anthony Henday Drive. With such a dramatic transportation improvement taking place, developers are working against the clock to create livable homes for the high demand that is already present in the market. These new homes will be a combination of multifamily and houses. The majority of the people will want to live in a house or a townhouse in this area and that is what you will see in the marketplace. These new homes in the Northwest Edmonton area will all cater to the middle and middle upper class as we see a shift in the marketplace to this type of worker.