Living in South Central Edmonton
The University and Whyte Avenue are two reasons why South Central Edmonton is the most popular place in Edmonton. South Central Edmonton is home to many students, retail stores, and businesses.

The South Central Edmonton is just south of the North Saskatchewan River, south of the Downtown Edmonton Core and is along Whyte Avenue. Many students live in this area because it is close to the University of Alberta. There is so many students, faculty, and businesses that live in this popular part of the city. This is a growing population as well because of the many expansions to the University that have already been announced in the new budgets. Another big part of the population of South Central Edmonton is the business people who live in this area. Being just south of the busy Downtown Edmonton Core, the commute by car or LRT is just 15 minutes. For a business person, they can get to work and even choose to go home for lunch if necessary. There is a lot of convenient transit in the area as well so it is very easy to get around the entire area. The riverbend is a great place to get some daily exercise and just enjoy the day. Many of the most expensive real estate in Edmonton is located in South Central Edmonton near the river

Getting around in South Central Edmonton
Getting around by transit or car is very convenient if you live in South Central Edmonton. The area is located south of the river and downtown so there are many business people and students who live in South Central Edmonton. The main neighbourhoods in this area of the city includes Garneau, Windsor Park, Strathcona, Cloverdale, Bonnie Doon, and Strathearn. This is an older area in Edmonton and has many exciting reasons for people to live here or visit here on a regular basis. The important University of Alberta is located at the east side of South Central Edmonton. This important education facility is home to thousands of students and hundreds of faculty staff who either live in the area or commute daily to this area. The Mayfair Golf & Country Club is located just east of the University and offers some amazing golf that is surrounded by the North Saskatchewan River. You will be golfing in some of the nicest viewpoints in all of South Central Edmonton. Below the golf course is William Hawrelak Park which is also a great place to spend a day just relaxing and enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Why choose to live in South Central Edmonton
If you are a University student you will definitely want to live in South Central Edmonton. The proximity of South Central Edmonton to the University will allow all international and local students to spend more time in class and less time on the daily commute by transit. There are many affordable local housing for students and faculty in the area. Students can choose to rent an apartment or a room sharing with other students. The rents will vary but will be affordable to all students. If you are a business person that works in the Downtown Edmonton core then you will also want to live in South Central Edmonton. For busy business people, the commute to Downtown Edmonton is around 15 minutes and you will not have to worry about traffic. You can choose to commute by car or by LRT which is equally convenient. So for students and for business people, South Central Edmonton makes a lot of sense and this is why it is such a popular location for them.

A student’s life in South Central Edmonton
As a student of the University of Alberta, your life will be spent mostly in the South Central Edmonton area. You have everything you need in South Central Edmonton so you will not have to really commute to any other part of Edmonton while you are attending the University full time. In fact it will be so convenient for you in the area that everything you need will be a short commute away. Many students live in this South Central Edmonton area and they have made it their home while studying in Edmonton. To relieve some stress they can go to Whyte Avenue, where they can just hang out at a bar and watch some tv with some of their classmates. Or if the day is nice they can take a quiet stroll along the North Saskatchewan River and enjoy the beautiful downtown cityview and the river. A lot of students may also take part in the Dragonboat festival and be actively training for this event. You can see many dragon boats in the South Central Edmonton area and catch some of the excitement of this annual competition.

South Central Edmonton is where Whyte Avenue is located
Whyte Avenue is the most trendy part of town in South Central Edmonton. It is known for its really cool shops and cafes and it is a very busy part of South Central Edmonton. The many restaurants and pubs are a regular hangout for students. It is really nice to take a walk in this area as you will be able to shop in some of the very trendy shops in the area. Many of the new trendy restaurants are also located on Whyte Avenue or 82nd Avenue so you can come here and try some new and exciting cuisines.