The beautiful Southwest Edmonton neighbourhoods
The river valley, the beautiful hills, and the large greenspaces are all why Southwest Edmonton is the ideal place for families. There are many new developments in the Southwest Edmonton area.

Living in Southwest Edmonton is a joy and many families choose this area as their main preference. If you look at an Edmonton map you will see why Southwest Edmonton is such a beautiful place to live. This area has some of the best greenspaces available in the city of Edmonton and it is on top of a hill. You will be able to see the river valley from your home and enjoy those beautiful sunrise and sunsets that are common in Edmonton. Driving through the Southwest Edmonton region you will be happily surprised to see all the beauty that surrounds the area. There are many nice homes surrounded by large parks that are so plentiful in this region. You will notice that most of this area is on the hills and have names with Heights in it. This will tell you that this area is elevated and provides you with some beautiful views of the river and the city of Edmonton. The homes in this area are also beautifully designed and shows in the pride of ownership. Landscaped homes are common in this area and you will see lush lawns and beautiful flower beds.

Locating Southwest Edmonton on the map
Southwest Edmonton is the areas below the Whitemud Drive to the north and north of Ellerslie Rd. to the south. The east of Southwest Edmonton is bordered by Calgary Trail and Gateway Blvd which are the main routes into the city of Edmonton from Calgary and Red Deer. The west of the area is bordered by the North Saskatchewan River. The areas of Southwest Edmonton includes Belgravia, McKernan, Parkallen, Queen Alexandra, Allendale, Grandview Heights, Lendrum Place, Pleasantview, Landsdowne, Malmo Plains, Empire Park, Brander Gardens, Brookside, Ramsay Heights, Rhatigan Ridge, Bulyea Heights, Henderson Estates, Falconer Heights, Carter Crest, Ogilvie Ridge, Haddow, Leger, Terwillegar, Towne, Hodgson, Aspen Gardens, Royal Gardens, Rideau Park, Westbrook Estates, Greenfield, Duggan, Sweet Grass, Steinhauer, Blue Quill, Ermineskin, Skyrattler, Keheewin, Twin Brooks, Bearspaw, Windermere Estates, Rutherford, MacEvan, Blackburne, Richford, Blackmud Creek, and Eagle Ridge. Getting to this area is easy and with the creation of the new Edmonton Ringroad it will be very convenient to get around the Southwest Edmonton neighbourhoods. Also with the new LRT expansion into this area, there will be more families and students choosing to make this area their home.

Living in Southwest Edmonton is a family choice
It is not difficult to see why so many families choose Southwest Edmonton as their home. The areas of Southwest Edmonton are all surrounded parklike settings and provide the perfect place for families to grow up and raise their children. The many areas in this neighbourhood to play and spend family time is a good reason to pay more to live in this area. The air is cleaner and there is less traffic in Southwest Edmonton. With the improvements in transportation and the new LRT, this area will be one of the most desirable places to live.

The many developments in the Southwest Edmonton area
Many different developments are happening in the Southwest Edmonton area. The homes that are being in built in this area of Southwest Edmonton are all very luxurious and provide homeowners with a high level of pride of ownership. Some of the developments are occuring along Terwillegar and the Bulyea Heights. These homes are ideally situated to get a great view of Edmonton, the North Saskatchewan River, and the river valley. A drive along these new development areas provides you with a sense of excitement as you can picture yourself liviing in this beautiful part of the city. The many new developments in the Southwest Edmonton neighbourhoods all cater to the middle upper income classes and the materials used in the construction are all high quality. Homeowners in this area will definitely enjoy the pride of ownership they will get from being a part of this area and they will find some great neighbours who they will develop some really good friendships with. There are many reasons why developers like this area of Edmonton and you will continue to see a lot of new construction in this area for years to come.

Southwest Edmonton homes are 25% more expensive
People who choose to make Southwest Edmonton their home are paying on average 25% more than other areas in the city of Edmonton. The reason that Southwest Edmonton is more expensive is because it is such a desirable place to live. The area has some of the nicest greenspace available in Edmonton and has many valleys and hills that offer residences the perfect view of Edmonton. The people who buy homes in this area are generally in the middle upper income levels and like to have bigger homes in a well established area. Their neighbours are all similar income levels and have the pride of home ownership that they also have. There are so many home styles people can choose from in the Southwest Edmonton area and all offer the same level of quality that they would expect from this area. It is very enjoyable to come home after a stressful day and just walk around the area or go for a nice bike ride. This area will continue to be desirable to live in and provide residences with great living experiences.