West Edmonton is a beautiful part of the city
There are many nice things to do in West Edmonton. The West Edmonton Mall is one of the main attractions known in the West Edmonton area.

West Edmonton is known for the huge West Edmonton Mall that is located in this neighborhood. This is such a well known destination worldwide that people relate the City of Edmonton with this one attraction. With a hotel, waterslides, ice rink, and a rollercoaster in this mall, there are so many things to do and see. However, West Edmonton also has many other nice areas and many people choose to live in this area. It is very easy to get to the area using the Whitemud Drive and once the Edmonton Ringroad is complete then it will even be faster. The North Saskatchewan River borders the south end of this region and provides a great place for residents to walk and enjoy the beautiful Edmonton days. West Edmonton has a good mix of people who live in the area and is home to many professionals and people who want to own a house. The area is expanding and there are many new developments happening all around the neighbourhoods.

Finding West Edmonton and the surrounding areas
Just ask an Edmonton Realtor and they will tell you that West Edmonton is the best place to invest. With the well known West Edmonton Mall that attracts so many visitors, this place is always a busy neighbourhood to live in. The main areas includes Glenora, Crestwood, Parkview, Laurier Heights, Rio Terrace, Quesnell Heights, Westridge, Oleskiw, Gariepy, Place La Rue, Glenwood, West Jasper Place, La Perle, Terra Losa, Belmead, Summerlea, West Meadowlark Park, Meadowlark Park, Sherwood, Jasper Park, Aldergrove, Thorncliffe, Elmwood, Lynwood, Lymburn, Callingwood North, Callingwood, Patricia Heights, Ormsby Place, Jamieson Place, Dechene, Wedgewood Heights, Donsdale, Cameron Heights, Suder Greens, Webber Greens, Breckenridge Greens, Potter Greens, Glastonbury, The Hamptons, and Woodbend Estates. The number of areas in West Edmonton allow people to choose the type of neighbourhood that is perfect for them. You can live by the river on the south side and enjoy the beautiful North Saskatchewan River views every day. Imagine taking a walk along the river after work and really relaxing from your day’s stresses. You can live near the popular West Edmonton Mall and just spend your days window shopping and seeing all the latest in fashions. There are many different ways to get to this area including the Whitemud Drive, 170 St., Stony Plain Rd., 107 Av., and 149 St.

Going to the West Edmonton Mall for an afternoon
Many people come to Edmonton just to visit the famous West Edmonton Mall. This great West Edmonton Mall is a gigantic mall that boasts the biggest in North America. There are so many different sections and themes to this mall that you can walk around the mall and literally get lost. Make sure that if you come to the West Edmonton Mall that you plan to spend an entire day as you will need it to enjoy the facilities to the fullest. Why not stay at the hotel located right in the West Edmonton mall. This way you will not need to worry about parking and if you get tired you can just go back to your hotel room for a rest. For families with small children, West Edmonton Mall has so much to offer. You can start your day at the water theme park which has many water slides and a wave pool to enjoy. It is fully supervised so all you need to do is get ready for some fun. There is also a little beach inside so you can pretend that you are in your favourite tropical vacation. Another nice attraction is the ice rink in the West Edmonton Mall. There are ice skate rentals available so you do not have to bring your own. You can even book some skating lessons so that you can improve your skills and have some family fun.

Getting to West Edmonton quickly using the Whitemud
Getting to West Edmonton is very easy and quick. There are many different roads that you can take to West Edmonton and you will be able to get around the area very quickly. The fastest way to this neighbourhood from the south of Edmonton or the Airport is to take the Whitemud Dr. This highway or expressway allows you to quickly zip through the city of Edmonton and exit on 149 St or 170 St. if you are going to the famous West Edmonton Mall. Once the Anthony Henday Dr. is complete, you will also be able to use this new Edmonton Ringroad to quickly get around the city and then connect to the Whitemud Dr. and get inside the heart of the West Edmonton area.